In 2002, I had seen this new service being introduced in the car wash industry - a self serve dog wash. Big Sam frowned on the idea, but I thought it was a great one.

Upon building our dog wash, I went to all the others in Western New York. I saw their operations, and they all seemed a bit different than what I envisioned, so I designed our warm water opperation to be bigger, cheaper, and easier to clean.

We have many options to our self serve menu. All products used therein are safe, effective, and hypoallergenic: shampoo, cream rinse, de-skunk, oatmeal, flea and tick, plain water rinse, and a blow drier.

The cost is $8 for 15 min. which is usually plenty of time for any size dog. The only thing we suggest bringing, aside from a dirty dog, is a towel; however, if you do forget, we'll have one for you. It is open 24 hours, for those unexpected situations.